Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gavin's 3rd Bday

 After a crazy week of hosting Bri's birthday, going to a birthday and hosting Thanksgiving, Gavin's birthday was actually relaxing ...considering. We bought sandwiches at Costco and I had his cake finished the night before except for placing the decorations on it.  It turned out pretty good. He was really happy with it.  

How old are you?

After being Robin for Halloween, I wasn't expecting him to want a Robin cake, but that is what he asked for! So this is what I made him: a chocolate cake with ganache frosting and fondant decorations. Fondant isn't my fave, but it sure makes pretty looking cakes! I should have put him in his Robin costume, that would've been super cute!

I have to include pictures of him and his brothers and sister on Halloween because they looked so cute AND I stayed up many a night working on their costumes until 2am!

I also made two cakes for the school's  fall festival cake walk.  I didn't realize signing up for a cake meant two! Luckily we had some boxed cake mix and chocolate frosting! All I did from scratch was the cream cheese frosting.