Thursday, January 15, 2015

Romantic Vintage Mini Album using Marion Smith's Motley

Hi! I had so much fun making this mini album. I used the Motley papers and embellishments from the Motley Scrap Kit at Scrapbook Maven. I used the Super Simple Pocket Page Tutorial for the page construction. 

Here is a video walking you through the mini!
The Motley Scrap Kit


  1. Happy New Year stranger (I can just still get away with saying that) hope your well?
    It's been a long while since I've seen your work pop up in here.
    This is so pretty! Can't view the plug-in, as not supported on my phone.
    So will try the link to You-Tube.

  2. Never to late! Happy New Year to you, too! I've been sick for too long over the holidays and lost my crafty motivation. Starting to get back into it. Can you download the YouTube app? Maybe that would fix the issue. Thank you for continuing to support me with your lovely comments!

    1. Hi Danielle, sorry to hear you were I'll.
      I wasn't that great ethier, from the 8th Dec till about a week ago.
      Still got a wretched cough.
      Hope your feeling much better & glad you got your crafting mojo back.
      I'm able to get You tube with downloading the app, as I just go straight to the actual websites with everything I use. Takes up much less space in my phone.
      I'll have a proper view this weekend coming.

      And your welcome. 🌹